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ウィリアム ダウニー
William Downie

ウィリアム ダウニーTOP画像

ウィリアム ダウニーの画像ウィリアムダウニーはブルゴーニュでの数年の生活のあと、2003年に自身のレーベルを立ち上げました。




ウィリアム ダウニーの画像William Downie established his own label in 2003 after several years living and working in Burgundy. His intention is to produce Pinot Noirs of purity and detail. They are made in the most natural way possible not pushed or shoved in any direction. They are not added to or subtracted from. Subsequently  Downie has become known as one of the finest craftsman of this capricious grape variety in the world.
Each of Downie's wines represents a distinctive terroir. After all the Yarra Valley Mornington Peninsula and Gippsland are more different than they are similar. These regional nuances are indelibly etched in the wines.
William was the 2006 Gourmet Traveller Wine Magazine Young Australian Winemaker of The Year.

William Downie cares. He cares about the future of Australian viticulture its land and its sustainability. He cares about his family the food they eat and the way in which he in his own small way contributes to the earth's nourishment. Downie looks like a saint with his mop of hair and angelic visage. Indeed like a saint he represents the new zeitgeist-the second coming of Pinot Noir from Australia's cooler zones!
A Pinot Noir tragic (aren't we all!) he has carved out a niche among the very finest producers that craft compelling wines from this most capricious of grape varieties. Taste the difference among his sensual wines as they exhibit nuances synonymous with the world's very finest Pinot Noir terroirs.

ウィリアム ダウニーの写真
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